Monferrato: land of Wine and Infernot World Heritage

Talking about the Monferrato area is like talking about wine.

Wine country and its landscape of vineyards, has been an object of interest for centuries and today it represents the pride of our hills, it is our story, our trademark.

The Monferrato zone is a territory with cherished agricultural traditions, where everything, from the landscape to the folklore speaks of wine. Our estate, with its expansive, natural terraces neatly planted with rows of grape vines nestled up against a graceful stretch of a medieval wall, fits in perfectly with this rural history.

Hillsides embroidered with rows of vines in iridescent shades of green and red, the rows following the contour of the hills, give life to our wine and create a beautiful, harmonious scenery. This is thanks to the symbiotic relationship developed between man and nature by years of hard work filled with incessant experimentation, passion for the task and intimate respect for the vineyards. Vineyards which for centuries have been the main source of livelihood for the people of the area who are influenced and forever grateful for them.

Wine, predominantly red in the Monferrato zone but there are also excellent whites, is culture. It is an expression of the rural world that produces it. The white Monferrato soil is harsh but generous towards those who, from father to son, renewing the tradition, have been able to improve their methods by keeping their eye on the present while thinking about the future.

The Monferrato nature which expresses itself in a soil and climate particularly suited to viticulture and provides a very favourable microclimate for the planting of native varieties which find their terroir of choice: Grignolino, Barbera, Freisa, Malvasia, but also Nebbiolo and Arneis .

InfernotWines so precious as to be preserved in the heart of the earth, in so-called infernot, the characteristic underground temples of the Monferrato area consecrated to wine and its tutelary deity: “Bacco merita lode” (“Bacchus is worthy of praise”) is engraved in one of these. These wine cellars are like jewel cases, excavated and carved out of the rock. Niches, recesses, shelves, the chiaroscuro lighting, all designed for a single protagonist and her handmaidens: wine and the bottles that lie there in waiting.

Our vineyards are built on soils rich in argillaceous marl (a mixture of clay and limestone) at an acidic pH. They cling to steep slopes facing the sun so as to ensure an excellent exposition. The low yields, 3800 vines per hectare with a carefully controlled tonnage of fruit, combined with meticulous work in the vineyard during the entire production cycle of the vine, ensure exceptional quality.

In the Monferrato area wine culture is present everywhere, from the skyline of the landscape to the depths of the infernots, filled with a multiplicity of colors, scents and flavors that are all its own.