Educational Farm

The Beccaria Farm is recognized and accredited by the Region of Piedmont in its official Register of Regional Educational Farms.

The Piedmont Region recognizes as Educational Farms those that meet specific requirements related to safety, hygiene and health, logistics, criteria for training and retraining of employees and standards of hospitality.

Logo fatt didatticheEducational farms offer the opportunity to learn about farming and the cycles of food, plant and animal life.

They are open to schools, groups and families. By participating in agricultural activities, one lives the learning experience which makes it all the more memorable.

Getting better acquainted with the agricultural world, helps to improve environmental awareness and contributes to the preservation of our natural assets.


Available educational programs:

  • You cut, I cut, we all cut: a boundless grape harvest designed for those who truly want to get closer to the world of wine.
  • From the grapes that I eat to the wine that I drink (From grape to wine). We follow the various steps that Mister Bunch (the grape bunch) must take to complete his journey from the vine, to the winery and then into the bottle. We’ll help him all along the way!
  • The life line of the vine. A trip into the vineyard to discover the annual lifecycle of a grape vine: We will learn about the care that we need to give to Miss Vine so that she will grow strong and healthy.
  • The agricultural and social traditions of our ancestors. We get into our time machine and go back to the days of our grandparents to become acquainted with their viticultural practices and way of life. We’ll learn about their work habits, their tools and their knowledge, comparing the past with the present.
  • It’s time to dance the Monferrina and celebrate the harvest. The traditional local songs and dances of the harvest time. Required preparation: plenty of leg and lung power!
  • The Identity Card of a wine – Regions, Aromas and Colors: We will sharpen our senses of smell and sight and develop our knowledge and imagination so that we can identify the perfumes, colors, names, origins and other interesting details of different wines.
  • Ludoluvamania: Learning by Creating and Playing. Games and creative activities (continually renewed) that provide the opportunity to have a lot of fun while exercising the participants’ imagination and manual skills by putting into practice their newly acquired knowledge.

Parallel to the activities that take place in the farmhouse and adjacent areas, we also propose two additional itineraries focussed on other aspects of our local history. The first is aimed at getting to know the old village of Ozzano by visiting its historical, architectural and artistic highlights. The second brings the group into contact with another of the traditional activities of our area: The quarrying of the local marlstone

  • In the Land of Oz. Laura takes us on a walk in the medieval hamlet of Ozzano Monferrato. We’ll relive its history as we breathe in its enchanting atmosphere.
  • Into the depths of the Earth with Pinot the quarryman. An imaginary trip into the underground world of the miner via a visit to the local permanent exposition of tools, documents and models covering the mining activities that took place in and around Ozzano as well as the possibility to see the sites of the nearby, inactive quarries.