Beccaria Wines

Our exclusive link with Monferrato rolling hills, our natural bond to earth.
Our world is the wine
Our Wines Tastings and Visits

Our wines represent the expression of our land. They have a story to tell and convey emotions.


Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC
Grignolino a bit of an anarchist who is difficult to raise in the vineyard
but for those of us who know it well and those who want to make its acquaintance, we simply call it Grignò...
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Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC Riserva
Grignolino from our best selection.
Ages in barrels, rests in bottles.
From the earth its structure, from man its measure
to be “gold” and named Grignòld.
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La Mossa

Piemonte Barbera DOC
The historical name of our farm gives its name to this Barbera which tickles the palate
and gives a playful shake to everything.
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Barbera del Monferrato DOC
We chose a name that does not simply label our Barbera
but rises a tribute to Barbera del Monferrato region: The Barbera.
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Barbera del Monferrato Superiore DOCG
Like the best ideas are born in slow time in a continuous exchange of moods and impressions,
so our Convivium is born and grows in dialogue with small oak barriques until maturity,
when, in the past to sharpen the bottle is left soothed by the notes of those who knows decant.
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Monferrato Freisa DOC
Rediscovering of our roots: Lilàn is the Monferrato word for this grape
and the name of our Freisa which retains all of our region’s character.
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Monferrato Nebbiolo DOC
Lìbet is our Nebbiolo: liking in latin language, I like in socials, pleasure of wine.
From language to taste is an immediate pleasure.
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Monferrato Bianco DOC
The good and the beautiful of our land:
perfume, colour, body and name.
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Simply Rosé

Piemonte Rosato DOC
Simply Rosé to satisfy your senses with an eye, a nose, a mouth and a body simply osé...
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Ambrosia Rossa

Partially fermented red must
Dedicated to all those who are searching for a joyful divine nectar
with a notable bouquet of roses in bloom.
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Tastings and visits

Discover with us the wines and local products.

We will be pleased to welcome you in our tasting room to try our wines together with a selection of local products and to visit the winery and our vineyards. We can organize special or guided tastings upon prior arrangement.

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Educational Farm

The Beccaria Farm is recognized and accredited by the Region of Piedmont in its official Register of Regional Educational Farms.

Educational farms offer the opportunity to learn about farming and the cycles of food, plant and animal life. They are open to schools, groups and families. By participating in agricultural activities, one lives the learning experience which makes it all the more memorable.

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