About us

A story of lives and vines


Our Winery

The Beccaria vineyard was established in Ozzano Monferrato in the early 1970’s by Angelo and Maria Teresa, a young couple who left Genoa to return to the Monferrato region to start a new activity, built on the traditions of their family, the cultivation of vineyards.

A family run business, marked by passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. Angelo and Maria Teresa chose to grow their family and their grapes in the beautiful village of Ozzano, in the heart of the Monferrato Casalese area, land of rolling hills and orderly vineyards declared a heritage site by UNESCO.

Today, their children, Davide, Silvia and Laura, continue the work started by their parents with competence and knowledge, aiming for ever higher standards and quality.

azienda_12The Cellar

After four generations of grape growers, the vineyard today is a young, established estate of about 60 hectares. The wine produced comes only from the grapes typical to the Piedmont region between Ozzano and S. Giorgio Monferrato.

In the 10 hectares overseen by Davide with passion and enthusiasm, grow grapes that produce grignolino, barbera, freisia, nebbiolo, malvasia and arneis.

The estate was handed over to Davide in 2001 when the cellar was reorganized. At the same time a new vineyard of about 4 hectares was planted at the top of one of the most panoramic hills in Ozzano.

Every operation concerning the management of the old and new vineyard is conducted personally by Angelo and Davide like Angelo and his father Gioanin, did in 1972 when they planted the first vineyard of the newly formed “Azienda Beccaria”, grafting every vine cutting.

Innovation with a deep respect for tradition is the guiding concept of our philosophy. The past and the present evolve constantly. We incorporate the “good practices” of the peasant culture in the cultivation process. We stick to the traditional systems that are attentive to the environment; in the cellar, modern technology goes hand in hand with traditional artisanal know-how. We are aware that mankind’s well-being is directly related to the environment.

terreni_7The Grounds

Our vineyards grow in PH acid and calcareous soil which is ideal for the cultivation of fine, age-worthy, red wines.

They are planted on steep slopes and enjoy full sun exposure. The most recent was planted in 2014. Meticulous care in the growing process results in a perfect balance between man and nature, producing high quality wines typical of the region.